The TEDx

She’s not breaking into song. In February 2020 Kim took the stage as one of a select group of speakers for the TEDx event theme, Moving  Onward. While the premise of her talk was to help end stigmas surrounding abuse, mental health and childhood trauma, the greater story became about her testimony for Jesus Christ.

About Kim

Kim Jones is an American Christian author, speaker and President of The Not Okay Christian Ministries. Like most, Kim has endured a multitude of challenges throughout life. Challenges that include abuse, neglect, weight issues, rape, and the loss of both parents at early ages. Her trials lead to lifelong mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, an unhealthy self-image and thoughts of suicide. They also waged a spiritual battle that would plague her for decades because “Christians aren’t supposed to get depressed.”

God’s Grace

Through the Grace of Jesus Christ (and the continuous support of friends and family), she has taken her experiences and channeled them into a desire to reach others with the news that Jesus loves messed up Christians too. We aren’t forsaken because of our chemical imbalance or emotional state.

“I am under no false belief that life is easy, but God is greater than any challenge we may face. Sometimes He will reach down and pull us through. Sometimes He will strengthen us to weather the storm. Sometimes He brings people along to show us the way out because they have walked that path before. I’m often not okay but being not okay doesn’t make me less of a Christian.”


Based on her experiences, Kim has taught classes for women, at-risk-teens and children. She has also presented at workshops for women’s retreats and as a Master Resiliency Trainer she has facilitated courses for the military. Her passion is to reach those who are believing in the lies they tell themselves; they are not worthy of being loved because of past experiences or their mental health status.


Kim is also fervent in her desire to aid those with food insecurities, changing stigmas about abuse and especially sharing the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. She and her husband, Chris, are known for their work in impoverished areas of Appalachia and Arkansas. They currently reside in Arkansas and have one daughter.

Kim is the not okay Christian.